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Bookkeeping, tax returns

- arranging and checking invoices, bookeeping
- making tax returns, registration forms,
- giving information about profit & loss according to our client's claim
- keeping of all analytic statements, except stocks based on current rules
- giving exact information before deadline about tax and additionall payments in writing
- closing the books, making simplified and annual reports as regularly as required.

Pay-roll accounting

- updated personal registration forms on each employee
- making report on new and discharged workers toward social insurance authority
- calculating salaries based on time sheet
- calculating taxes, additional charges according to salaries
- payroll, personal calculations, certification of payments for employees
- deal with employee's private pension fund


We can completely make company regulation based on client's requirements related to accountancy.

Tax advising

- representing our clients before tax authorities,
- checking tax returns and changing it if needed,
- providing legal tax minimisation advices to our clients on a regular basis while also providing advice on taxation on an ad hoc basis, too
- preparing applications toward tax authorites about payment extensions, reasonable reducements

Our office/colleagues participate in

Estimating company value,
Prepairing auditing
Training, education in taxatation, accountancy
Company foundations

We can also arrange special accounting service about starting and finishing companies. The office regularly gathers the relevant information about the major legal changes concerning tax matters to our clients.