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Why to choose us to audit your books?

Why to choose us for tax advising?

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An audit of financial statements, is the review of the financial statements of a company but otherwise it is a subjective independent opinion of an auditor. This opinion creates the value of a company: yes, the financial statements are authentic and the company is reliable. For directors (outsiders) the way of working and its documentation is not interesting and rearly understandable. Therefore we attach an information letter to the directors.

We try to find ideas and add it to the financial statements (text part) which are useful for the leaders/investors/sponsors/banks also.

Based on current rules from 2008 under 100 million forints net income the audit is not compulsory in Hungary - why to keep the auditor against this?


The audit help

  • to avoid tax risk,
  • can improve the company about raising profit, production,
  • about enter for a competition or asking for a credit, ther auditor's opinion is the base for a bank,
  • representing an authentic statement it is allowed to distract from the standards but only i fan auditor accapted it!

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We help to understand the new tax rules for the leaders of a company and this can be an advantage. According to high penalties nowadays or to cooperate with an auditor is more economical. Even the auditor fee can come back until the end of the year because of advising.

Why to choose us: the Chamber take the tax advising into the subjects from 2009 only! So minimum 6-7 years to get the first trained auditor, except if the auditor we choose already trained as a tax expert for years and internationally (not only 1 subject as an auditor) - and you are on a right place at the right time here!

The purpose of the Chamber is that the tax authorities should accept and audit also as a tax controll. So let's think in advance!

Tóth Felícia könyvvizsgáló   A personal discussion is a must to le tus know your company with some documents. Our fees starts from nettó 20-25.000.Ft/month and we work more times in a year to help your company not only after closing.

For unique cases (for example revisions, transforming) we can offer unique fees.